Sensei Ashley



Sensei Ashley is a Senior Instructor with KTMAG, a registered Youth Group leader, Secondary School Teacher, and an ex-Door Supervisor with 20 years experience.

Sensei Ashley has been practising Karate for over 30 years and is currently 4th Dan (Yondan), and has trained with some of the best Martial Artists, Competitors and Instructors in the world. He is known for his incredible ability in both Kata and Kumite, and an fantastic record of producing Inter-club, Junior and Senior National Champions. 

 As an Instructor Sensei Ashley is able to bring the best out of his students with encouragement, demonstration of excellent technique and humour. His classes are exciting, dynamic and demanding. Sensei Ashley considers him-self to be ‘a traditionalist with a modern approach’. He is constantly introducing new and exciting concepts to an established art.

Sensei Ashley began training in Karate aged 12 with a brief introduction to Kyshindo Karate. At 16 he started Shotokan Karate under Sensei Mark Ord and Sensei Derrick Kirkham of the SKUGB (Shotokan Karate Union Great Britain). Sensei Ashley then joined the MSK (Middlesex Shotokan Karate) under Sensei Gill whilst at University. At University he was Captain and Coach of the South Bank University team and later St Mary’s College, University of Surrey for 5 BUSA (British Student National Championships)

He was considered one of the best English Middleweight competitors of the 1990’s and early 2000’s however a number of injuries and governing body politics prevented him from National selections and attaining a converted World Title.

Sensei Ashley returned to active competition in 2011 and has set him-self the goal of winning a Masters/Veteran World or European Title.

Achievements include:

• Selected for England Under 21 Toyakwai National Squad
MSK Club Champion
• 3rd Dan (Sandan) 2005
• 4th Dan (Yondan) 2012
• Jersey, New York, Tortola International Open
• 2002 BASKA British Grand Champion
• 2004 Selected for KUGB National Squad
• 2008 JSKA Shotokan Karate World Championships
• FEKO National Squad
• 1999 Germany, 2001 Scotland, 2003 Russia WKC World Championships
• 2004 WKC Italy European Championships
• 2011 AMA International Open medal
• 2011 British Circuit Champion
• 2012 WUKF Scotland European Championships medal
• 2012 WUKO Manchester European Championships medal
• 2013 WUKF Romania World Championships

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